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Window Repair Services From First Glass

Here at First Glass, we offer window repairs to clients throughout Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas. We have a real passion for what we do, and we feel that this shows in every single one of the window repairs that we provide. We also pride ourselves on the high level of service that we provide alongside all of the window repair services that we offer, and on the fact that we constantly go the extra mile for our valued Middlesbrough-based customers, time and time again. Our team of window repair specialists have the experience required to repair or replace a wide range of broken windows across the Middlesbrough area. We only provide the best quality glass window repairs to our customers, which is one of the main reasons why we firmly believe that we should be your first and only port of call for window repairs, anywhere in the Middlesbrough area. If you’d like additional information on the glass window repairs that we offer, be sure to get in contact with our specialist team today. We’d love to hear from you and assist you in any way we possibly can.

Window Glass Repairs and Replacement

At First Glass, we understand the frustrations that broken windows can cause, which is why our team of window repair experts provide a comprehensive repair service for our customers in Middlesbrough. Ensuring the safety and security of your property and everyone inside of it is our main priority, and we won’t rest until your window is repaired or, if it is beyond repair, a new one is installed.

Common Window Issues

When it comes to windows, especially UPVC windows, broken and rusted window hinges and locks tend to be a common problem.

If you find it difficult to open or close your window and it won’t fit back into the frame properly (which leaves an air gap), this is down to the window hinges being in a bad condition. This issue is often a common occurrence on UPVC double glazed windows. The plastic unit parts which are fitted on the window hinge can become brittle over time; a weak spot can usually be found near the rivet which will tend to break the hinge. Once this has broken, the friction will stay and geometry is affected, which means that the seal won’t work, causing an air gap and allowing a draft into your Middlesbrough-based home.

Window Repairs Middlesbrough

Locks and Hinges

Should your windows experience any of these issues, don’t worry, our team of window repair experts will replace the locks. Regardless of what type they are, we will find a solution that suits your needs and requirements, and those of your home.

When it comes to UPVC window hinges, there are a wide array of different types, which can also be easily replaced. This includes standard window hinges, which are used on side hung and top hung casement windows.

We also provide easy-clean 90 window hinges, which are perfect for wider angle emergency exits. They also allow casement windows to meet the emergency exit requirements of Approved Document B Building Regulations, as well as easy-clean positions for the safe cleaning of the glass from inside.

Restricted hinges are another a type of hinge that we offer to our Middlesbrough-based customers. The friction stays with a built-in restrictor, to limit the opening of the window to a maximum of 100mm, ensuring the safety of children around the window.

Why Choose Us For Window Repairs In Middlesbrough?

At First Glass we provide extensive and comprehensive window repairs to all of our customers based in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas. We also boast an excellent emergency response time, and our window repair engineers should be your first choice when it comes to windows, regardless of whether they are at your commercial or residential property in Middlesbrough.

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If you’re based in Middlesbrough or the surrounding areas and you require additional information on the window repairs that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding the window repairs that we offer throughout the Middlesbrough area.