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Failed Window Services

When it comes to misted and failed windows, at First Glass our professional team have a wealth of experience when it comes to repairing and fixing misted windows across the Middlesbrough area. Our specialists provide only the best quality services for those experiencing failed windows.

Double glazing condensation

Failed windows and double glazing misting can be a real annoyance should it effect the faces of your windows.

The cause

These problems tend to be caused by the perimeter edge of the double glazed window unit losing its integrity, this means it will start to let moisture in, which causes the misting. To begin with, it can be hard to spot the moisture and sometimes it will only be visible if a heat source like the sun draws the moisture up. The moisture will be drawn inside the sealed unit which can sometimes look similar to a fish tank with a few inches of water inside which will not disappear.

The solution

The only way to fix the problem is to replace the double glazed unit with a new one. Trying to separate and reseal the double glazed panels isn’t practical as the sealed unit will be factory made with glass bonded together, the condensation inside the unit will almost always have marked the glass, so this will be virtually impossible.

Double glazing misting from First Glass

At First Glass, our widow engineers can easily change and replace your doubled glazed sealed units. We can also upgrade your replacement double glazing to a more energy efficient glass which will involve the units and the air gap filled with argon gas.

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At First Glass we provide an extensive service for your misted and failed windows as well as a rapid response when it comes to boarding and glazing. With an excellent emergency response time, our window repair engineers cover Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas and should be your first port of call when it comes to windows at your windows should it be your commercial or residential property.

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Failed and Misted Windows